Simple steps to organise and make the cleaning for your house easy

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If you like to keep your home tidy with a personal touch, we have piled up for you some simple things to remember. Most importantly you have to get joy from your work.

1. Create a Cleaning Plan
Let’s start with creating a Cleaning Plan. If you know what you are going to clean and in what order, you’ll save time and avoid unnecessary steps.

2. Start from the Top
If we look in one house, usually small rooms or spaces are in this part of the house. To clean these spaces takes less time. So, this will motivate you to continue going on. Another good point is you should start at the top of a room and work downward. Dust falls and you don’t want to drive yourself mad repeating same movements couple of times.

3. Remember cleaning the Furnishing
Usually people focus mainly on cleaning of the floor and hard surfaces, and forget about the sofas and upholstery which hold tons of the dust. Vacuuming regularly these areas prevents the formation of dust everywhere in the room. Only use suitable tools for the vacuum cleaner to not ruin your upholstery.

4. Dust the Bulbs
You can brighten up your rooms by giving light bulbs a regular dusting. Make sure you turn them off and let them cool down first, so they won’t be hot.

5. Be careful with the Chemicals you use.
Never, never mix chemicals (For example Bleach in combination with VIAKAL makes a real poison in your house) Some chemicals can create harmful vapours when mixed, so read chemical label recommendation and let the chemicals do their work.

6. Take care for your Cleaning Appliances
Cleaning a room might be the top priority, but regularly check the appliances that are making your room sparkly clean. At least once a month, inspect your vacuum cleaner and clean the brushes to ensure that the vacuum is working properly. This makes vacuum cleaning easier and more efficient.

7. Wide open the Windows
When you are cleaning one of the rooms open windows to use natural light and fresh air wherever and whenever possible. This will give you a better view for the details as you clean and fresher air when working with chemicals.

8. Bed protectors
Use mattress protectors, so you will keep your mattresses clean and extend the life of your mattress. The same is suitable for pillows. You can remove the cover and wash regularly to keep it clean and fresh.

9. Focus on your plan!
So start making your cleaning plan and get into a routine. By utilizing these tricks and tips, you’ll be done with your cleaning for the day and will make your house working life easy!

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