Common end of tenancy cleaning pitfalls OR How to get your deposit back?

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Your tenancy contract is coming to an end and it's time to hire a cleaning company to do the end of tenancy cleaning for you…

After you move out the landlord will come to inspect the condition of the property. Most of them will use a special independent inventory-check company, hired by the estate agency that they used to let the property out. Bare in mind when you move to a property to find out if they’ve done that before you move in.

So, you can ask for a copy of the previous inventory-check and keep it for the day when you will move out. In case they didn’t do inventory before you moved in, then your life at the end of renting the property will be easy. Even if in your contract is written that you have to clean the property professionally, you can choose the first company that your eyes stop on the internet. However, if you have this inventory done before you rent the property, then you have to be very careful at the end of your contract. You could think – I can do this by myself and save some hundreds of pounds. Trust me, you can’t! Good cleaners have experience.They know what to do and how to clean for End of tenancy cleaning service. Do NOT forget your deposit is waiting for you to get it back but you can’t take it so easily! So, would you spent £30 more and take your £2000 deposit back or will you choose a domestic cleaning service save £30-£50 from End of tenancy cleaning price and lose your deposit?! (The differences between domestic regular service and End of tenancy cleaning service is significant: you can use domestic cleaning service weekly, fortnightly or once a month. Domestic cleaning service is highly recommend to keep the normal cleaning standard of your property during your tenancy contract. End of tenancy cleaning on the other hand is a very deep cleaning of the property. Every corner, area... should be touched. However, the service doesn’t include walls wash or windows cleaning from outside.)

Now it is the time to tell you that the inventory-check report is approximately 30 pages. Yes, correct - 30-50 pages, depending on the property size. The inventory-check person will come to the property with a Dictophone (Voice recorder). He will be going around and checking in detail the condition of each item, corner, area, handle, etc… even bulbs, if they are working or not … the landlord can charge you £50 for a bulb – yes it is a crazy but that’s the reality. So, pay attention to all particular details. Don’t forget your landlord wants your deposit even if he is a very nice and polite person. He has hired the inventory check company, not you!

Please, check with the estate company if they will allow to send back the cleaning company for a re-cleaning service. (End of tenancy cleaning service should have 48 hour guarantee so they do the re-clean fre of charge for you). Don’t panic if the inventory-check report says you have to do a re-clean. Often they do that - that’s their job. It doesn’t mean that cleaners haven’t done their work properly. Simply call the cleaning company that you hired for the job and ask nicely for cleaners to go back.

Now, you should already know which professional cleaning company to choose for your End of tenancy cleaning service in London, don't you? And make sure you didn’t forget to take out all your personal belongings out of the property before the cleaners' visit.

If it's time, simply choose a company that knows the ins and outs of End of tenancy cleaning and get your tenancy deposit back!

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