Mould removal and cleaning

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Mould cleaning is important for maintaining a healthy environment. There are two very useful helpers in the struggle against mould. As long as you understand that mould will grow in any dark, moist place, you can successfully attack it with a mild solution of bleach or vinegar.

1.Bleach - Highly alkaline, caustic it will burn your skin. Bleach instantly removes mold and it's stain with minimal scrubbing. Bleach must be rinsed thoroughly off the surface being cleaned to avoid damage. Use 1 cup bleach to 4 cups water to make the cleaning solution. Bleach is great on hard surfaces such as tile and brick, don't use it on fabric.

2.Vinegar - Natural mild acid, environmentally safe. Acidic solution kills mould, but does not help with stain removal. Acidic properties inhibits mould regrowth. Use full strength vinegar to make the cleaning solution.

Cleaning Mould from Bathroom Tiles:
Mould cleaning from bathroom tiles is fairly easy, provided you do it regularly and don't let the mould have the run of the room. If you have mould growing in your shower, here's how to remove it:

  • ◊ In a large spray bottle, mix your solution of mould cleaner
  • ◊ Spray the shower walls with the mixture
  • ◊ Be sure to get into hidden areas like a built-in soap holder, under the faucet or shower head and in the corners
  • ◊ Let the mixture stand for 5 minutes
  • ◊ Wipe the walls down with a damp sponge
  • ◊ Rinse the shower completely to remove all traces of cleaner. Mould cleaner on tiles are extremly slipperly and you don't want to have an accident the next time you are in the shower


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